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About Wexsus

We are the West Sweden nexus for sustainable development. Here you can read more about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

The transition to a sustainable society requires a holistic perspective and joint action. The academia has a particular responsibility to safeguard and deepen the knowledge of sustainable development. However, in collaboration with the entire society, new insights can be developed, and what we already know can be put into practice.

Therefore, Wexsus has been established as a collaborative arena for sustainable development. With knowledge as our foundation, we strive for long-term and effective partnerships. Here, people from all sectors of society come together and engage for action. United by the idea that sustainable development is achieved through collaboration.

Nexus means connection and that is exactly what we are and do: a collaboration arena that creates contacts and develops relationships between different societal actors.

Our main idea of operation

Wexsus' main idea of operation is to facilitate interaction and create partnerships that drive sustainable development between academia in West Sweden and other societal actors. The collaboration seeks to develop, share, and utilise knowledge that strengthens society’s ability and capacity to drive the transition towards a sustainable society.