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Organisation and Governance

'Nexus' means connection and that is exactly what Wexsus is set to do – create relationships and exchange knowledge between actors from all sectors of society. Organisationally, we are rooted in academia, but in our work, we welcome everyone.


Wexsus is a consortium consisting of the owners Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg and University West. The highest decision-making body is Wexsus general meeting, which consists of the three rectors.


Region Västra Götaland is co-founding partner of Wexsus. As a co-founding partner Region Västra Götaland is part of Wexsus' steering group together with the three owner universities. In addition to the agreement with Region Västra Götaland, other agreements with associated partners of Wexsus are in the pipeline to further strengthen collaboration for a sustainable transition. Actors in other sectors of society, such as the business sector and the non-profit sector, will also be given the opportunity to enter various forms of partnerships.

Co-founding partner

Associated partner


The steering group shall, together with the director, work to ensure that Wexsus is developed in accordance with the mission and objectives. The steering group consists of one representative from each owner university and one representative from Region Västra Götaland.

The steering group consists of:

  • Mats Lundqvist, Vice President of Utilization, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Mette Sandoff, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Campus Development and Internationalisation, University of Gothenburg
  • Lena Lindhé, Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor for External Relations, University West
  • Anders Carlberg, Strategist, Division of Research, Transition and Skills, Region Västra Götaland


The director has the strategic and operational responsibility for Wexsus' operations and leads the daily operations of the secretariat. 

Wexsus' office is located at Aschebergsgatan 44 in Gothenburg, where about 25 people work.