Idea and Mission | WEXSUS

Idea and Mission

Our purpose is to be a collaboration arena for exchanging knowledge and collectively facilitating the transition to a sustainable society. The main idea of operation and mission provide a fundamental direction for Wexsus as we formulate specific strategic goals and directions throughout 2024.

Our main idea of operation

Wexsus' main idea of operation is to facilitate interaction and create partnerships for sustainable development between academia in West Sweden and other societal actors. The collaboration seeks to develop, share, and utilise knowledge that strengthens society’s ability and capacity to drive the transition towards a sustainable society.

Our mission

Our mission is to bring together academia and other societal actors and serve as an open arena, allowing a multitude of actors to interact and take action based on their shared knowledge about sustainable development. 

The activities that are carried out are intended to increase each actor's knowledge and ability to enable a sustainable transition and create added value for, as well as synergies between, the academy and external actors, by being initiated via Wexsus and not within the ordinary activities of the educational institutions.

Our four areas of operation

To solidify our mission into action, we start from four areas of operation.


Meeting place and network

We initiate, coordinate and develop cross-border meetings, networks, collaborative projects and partnerships for sustainable development. The aim is to include multiple perspectives to enable a holistic view of sustainable development.

Utilising knowledge

We compile, share and communicate knowledge from academia and from other societal actors in order to be used for a sustainable transition. Utilisation involves both exchanging existing knowledge and co-creating new knowledge.

Processes and methods

We use, provide and develop various tools that facilitate knowledge exchange and collaborative processes for sustainable development. The tools are for example web-based guides, checklists, methods and models, and can also consist of our employees assisting with process management and facilitation through co-creative methods.

Collaboration portal

We act as a gateway and contact area to academia and offer an overview of knowledge, skills and activities in collaboration for sustainable development at our universities and with our partners. The portal function consists of our employees mediating further contacts and answering questions. We will also develop a digital portal function where it will be possible to find information, people and organisations of interest.