Together for Sustainability | WEXSUS

Together for Sustainability

Welcome to be a part of our collaboration arena! During 2024, we will develop Wexsus as a place for people and ideas to meet as well as refine and define our offerings. Explore what is in progress and join us on our shared journey towards transitioning to a sustainable society.

Meet and network!

Discover opportunities by participating in and benefiting from our cross-border meetings, networks, collaborative projects, and partnerships for sustainable development. We strive to include various perspectives to create a holistic view of sustainable development.

Utilise knowledge!

Access and apply knowledge from academia and other societal actors to support a sustainable transition. We make knowledge available and communicate it in a way that facilitates the exchange and co-creation of new knowledge.

Try our tools!

Explore different tools that facilitate knowledge exchange and collaborative processes for sustainable development. We have digital tools, checklists, and other methods to support you. Our employees can also assist with project management and facilitation through co-creation methods.

Contact us!

Use us as your gateway and point of contact to academia. Gain an overview of knowledge, competence, and activities related to collaboration for sustainable development at our universities and partners. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help you find the right contact person.